Data Manager Resources

Service Desk

Please click the Service Desk button on the upper right-hand corner of the registry to open a service ticket to:

  • Add or remove a Data Manager or provider
  • Request a training call
  • Ask a question about uploads or running measure reports
  • Learn how to address errors or warnings
  • Inquire about measures
  • Ask about MIPS submissions, measures, or Data Release Consent Forms
  • Report a service issue

GIQuIC is always striving to improve the customer service we provide to our users. By utilizing Service Desk, registry participants will realize many benefits, including being able to open a service ticket any time (not just during customer service hours) and having the ability to track the status of service requests. In addition, GIQuIC participants will not have to remember who to call or email for a particular issue or request.

GIQuIC Communications Materials

GIQuIC Monthly Newsletters

GIQuIC produces a monthly newsletter to keep users informed about enhancements and upcoming events. Newsletters will be emailed to every Data Manager and are available on the homepage of the registry under News.

Monthly QuIC Bite Webinars

Join the GIQuIC team as we discuss a different topic each month to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the registry. Registration links will be included in the monthly GIQuIC newsletters and will also be sent by email to every Data Manager. If you are unable to attend, the recording and slides will be published on the homepage of the registry under News.

Below are the topics of previous QuIC Bite webinars:

  • GIQuIC AMA (Ask Me Anything) – upcoming on June 21st. To register, click here.
  • Colonoscopy Data Fields – What’s New
  • 45 is the New 50 – Colonoscopy Screening Age
  • Discussing Documentation with the Docs
  • Follow-up Interval Workflow
  • GIQuIC Wellness Check
  • Effectively Addressing Errors and Warnings
  • Making the Grade (Turning GIQuIC measure reports into physician scorecards)
  • Screening Colonoscopy Updates
  • Communicate Your Commitment to Quality
  • Useful Upload Updates
  • Promoting Your Practice
  • Auditing to Assess (Data) Accuracy
  • Data Due Diligence
  • Properly Populating Pathology
  • QuIC Quality Check
  • Assessing and Improving Quality in Barretts Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
  • EGD 101
  • The Data Integrity Report
  • Downloading Your Data
  • More About Measures
  • Service Desk
  • Errors and Warnings
  • Translating Updated USMSTF Recommendations into Practice
  • Data Integrity
  • Screening Colonoscopy Updates: What They Mean for Your Practice
    • Click here to view webinar video
    • Click here to view webinar slides

Promote GIQuIC to Patients, Payers, and Accrediting Bodies

Certificate of Participation

Every site that participates in GIQuIC will receive a framed Certificate of Participation for display to demonstrate your commitment to quality. If you have not received one, please email Anna Chareon at

Media Kit

GIQuIC has developed a Media Kit that includes:

  • Public relations and marketing tips
  • How to write a letter to the editor
  • Press release template
  • GIQuIC Fact Sheet to share with patients

To request your Media Kit, please email

Promoting Your Practice on Your Website

For many prospective patients, your website will be their first contact with your practice, so you want to make the most of that opportunity. In addition to introducing your practice, you can also reinforce the importance of screening colonoscopies and promote your participation in GIQuIC to emphasize your commitment to improving the quality of the care you provide. To help with your efforts, GIQuIC developed a template you can use on your website to highlight your participation in the registry and explain how that has been demonstrated to improve outcomes. Easy-to-follow instructions detail how to customize it with the data from your site(s) to reflect performance for adenoma detection rate, average withdrawal time, and cecal intubation rate compared to the performance targets that were set by the GI societies. There is also language to explain to your patients why it is important for endoscopists to track and evaluate these metrics to reduce the rate of colorectal cancer.

The Promoting Your Practice webinar, slides, and template are available on the homepage of the registry under Previous QuIC Webinars.