Who is eligible to join GIQuIC?

  • Gastroenterologists based in the United States
  • Adult-focused endoscopists
  • Fellows (at no extra charge)

If you are based outside the United States and have questions about GIQuIC, please email

To join GIQuIC:

  • Complete the Registration Form and email to
  • Sign Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement. (Provided by GIQuIC after Registration Form is submitted.)
  • Make initial annual fee payment. Click here for pricing information.
  • Complete spreadsheet to confirm names of endoscopy unit locations and physician names, if registering multiple sites. (Spreadsheet provided by GIQuIC.)
  • Implement GIQuIC on compatible endoscopic health writer (endowriter) if not doing manual entry and receive training from endowriter vendor regarding how to export files to be uploaded to GIQuIC.
  • Distribute Physician Handout to your providers. (Provided by GIQuIC.)
  • Complete GIQuIC initial training call.
  • Export at least two weeks’ worth of procedures out of endowriter into a file that is saved on a computer or server at your site.
  • Alert GIQuIC to activate site in registry; this commences billing.
  • Complete upload training call to learn how to address errors and warnings and to learn how to run measure reports.

Continue uploading data, running measure reports, and providing measure reports to your physicians on a regular basis.