Case Studies/Testimonials

Hartford Hospital

In 2021, Hartford HealthCare implemented GIQuIC at more than a dozen sites, the first of which was Hartford Hospital. “This is a game changer for quality improvement,” said Pravina Khant, RN, Quality Data Coordinator for Digestive Health. “This sets the gold standard for how we do our jobs clinically and gives us the documentation we need to make decisions to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients.”

Ms. Khant oversees data collection for GIQuIC across Hartford HealthCare and works closely with staff at each site to ensure data is accurate and complete. At Hartford Hospital, Michelle Day, BSN, MSN, RN, CGRN, Nurse Manager, GI Endoscopy, and Adrienne Ramsay-Taylor, Unit Leader, GI Endoscopy, are responsible for recording pathology results and the final follow-up interval that is told to the patient into Provation.

Every two weeks, they export procedures into a file that Ms. Khant uploads to GIQuIC. Based on any errors or warnings that are flagged by the registry, Ms. Khant provides feedback almost immediately to Ms. Ramsay-Taylor and Ms. Day to advise them if any data are missing and to let them know if any procedures merit further investigation. This allows them to query physicians while the procedures are still fresh in their minds. According to Ms. Ramsay-Taylor, “Once you get a routine down for inputting pathology and follow-up intervals, the process gets easier over time. Communication is key and working so closely with Pravina and receiving feedback from her so quickly is extremely helpful.”

When asked what advice she would give to other sites implementing GIQuIC, Ms. Day emphasized the importance of managers having a good working knowledge of GIQuIC so they can teach others and make sure the site is taking advantage of everything the registry has to offer.

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