CMS Approves GIQuIC as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry for the 2024 Reporting Year

Click here to see the list of GIQuIC 2024 QCDR measures.

GIQuIC Registry Announces New Partnership with Health Catalyst

In January of 2024, GIQuIC will be moving to a powerful new technology platform powered by Health Catalyst, Inc. Working in tandem, GIQuIC and Health Catalyst plan to transition existing registry operations for colonoscopy and EGD procedures with the goal of adding additional data collection and reporting relative to endoscopic procedures and disease states. Click here to read more.

New Research Using GIQuIC Data

A recent study in The American Journal of Gastroenterology examined the impact on endoscopist adenoma detection rate (ADR) of conducting screening colonoscopies on individuals beginning at age 45 instead of 50. By examining the procedure data of more than 2.8 million colonoscopies in the registry, the authors found the mean ADR was:

  • 45 – 49 years old → 28.6%
  • 50 – 54 years old → 31.8%
  • 50 – 75 years old → 36.3%

GIQuIC will be integrating the updated guidance regarding the recommended age for screening colonoscopies into the affected quality measures beginning with the 2023 calendar year and reminds participating physicians that lowering the age may result in a small drop in ADR. Click here to view the study.

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GIQuIC Registry Announces New Partnership with Health Catalyst

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